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Your Opinion Needed! Please Respond
Posted on Sep 14th, 2018

The Board would like to gain the opinion of the Southern Oaks Grove owners!  The Association’s attorney has presented the Board with proposed amendment information to allow the collection of assessments at mortgage foreclosure sales.  Recently the Association has not observed many foreclosures in the neighborhood, and currently there is only 1 out of 134 homes.  In order for such an amendment to move forward, the Association would need to spend $350 for the attorney to prepare the proposed amendment.  Then a mailing would need to be sent to all owners, which would cost over $200.  67 owners would need to be present at the vote meeting to reach a quorum and 90 owners would need to vote yes to see the amendment pass. 

Owners, if you believe that the Board should move forward or not move forward with the process, please email as follows:  Subject Line:  Southern Oaks Grove – Collection of Assessments at Mortgage Foreclosure Sales.  If your believe that the Association should move forward to spend the $550 to initiate the proposed amendment change, then respond accordingly.  If you believe that the Association should NOT move forward with the proposed amendment change, then please respond accordingly. 

Please note:  if owners agree that the Association should proceed with the proposed amendment change mailing, there is a chance that quorum may not be reached at the meeting, or 90 owners would not vote yes.  If that is the case, then the Association would have spent $550 with no results.  Please let us know what you think prior to December 4, 2018.


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