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This Southern Oaks Grove HOA community website provides current information and helpful links for both our residents and interested visitors.  You may click on the links on the left to access important documents, forms, contact information, and other useful resources.
~ Community News ~
Phase I Water Shortage
Posted on Apr 29th, 2020
The Southwest Florida Water Management District's Governing Board voted on 4/28/2020 to declare a Phase I Water Shortage for the District’s central and southern regions, which includes Hillsborough County. Please visit this link for more information. 
Water Conservation Reminders
Posted on Feb 25th, 2020
Hillsborough County is reminding homeowners to follow lawn watering schedules and to use other water conservation tips. Click here to read their recommendations. 
Broken Lid on Electrical/Cable Box?
Posted on Feb 7th, 2020
If you're a homeowner with a cable and/or electrical box lid in your front yard, here's information on who to call when you observe a broken lid: Who to Call
Help Deter Crime
Posted on Dec 12th, 2019
You can help deter crime in our community with a few easy tasks. For example, keep your car doors locked when parked outside your garage and remove valuables (including your garage door opener). Additionally, you should keep your garage door closed when not in use. Thieves can easily enter a garage to steal items such as lawn or sports equipment and tools, or enter your home if you keep the door from the garage to your home habitually unlocked. Let's all work together to keep our homes, property, and family safe!  
Report Issues Online Easily
Posted on Dec 12th, 2019
You can easily report concerns about sidewalks and streetlights online with these helpful links: 
Florida's New Tree Removal Laws
Posted on Sep 20th, 2019
Click here to read more about the new tree removal laws that went into effect July 1, 2019. 
Posted on Sep 16th, 2019
Owners are encouraged to use the proper lanes when entering and exiting the community from Front Street and Summerlyn Drive.  It has been observed that vehicles have been entering the community via the exit lane.  Safety is important for both drivers and pedestrians, so please use the appropriate lanes when entering our community. 
Safe Driving In Community
Posted on Sep 13th, 2019
Homeowners and their guests are reminded to observe all speed limits and to drive through the neighborhood safely. Vehicles have been seen driving well above the speed limit, which is dangerous to all concerned - the driver, pedestrians, bikers, etc. Please observe the posted speed limit at all times. 
Trim Trees Over Sidewalks and Roads
Posted on Sep 13th, 2019
Homeowners are reminded the county is now recommending a 16' clearance height of tree branches that hang over the street to accommodate larger trash pickup vehicles. Branches scrape the trucks, damaging their paint, and can break, causing a hazard to pedestrians and drivers. If your oak tree extends over the sidewalk, it should be trimmed up to at least an 8' clearance, and 16' over the street. Violation letters will be sent to properties with trees in need of trimming. 

~ Upcoming Events ~
HOA Board Meeting - ZOOM
Wednesday, June 10th
The Southern Oaks Grove Board of Directors will conduct the next Board meeting on June 10th at 6:30p.m. via the virtual meeting platform Zoom.  Below are the details for owners to join the Zoom meeting.
Click the link below to join the Zoom Meeting on June 10th at 6:30 p.m.
Meeting ID: 719 7849 3192
Password: 1j42Bv
If you have any questions for the Board of Directors to address during the meeting, please email your questions before June 8th to


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